NEUST Library Mission, Goals and Objectives



In support of the university’s mission of serving the nation by providing advanced instruction, professional training in arts, science and technology and other related fields. The NEUST Library’s mission is to empower students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens and in dynamic global society by providing quality learning experiences that develop the knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes for continues success.


1. To hire professional librarians to provide adequate and efficient services in all time.

2. To solicit gifts, donations and seek exchange agreement.

3. To strengthen other services like instruction and in effective use of the library information retrieval, reader’s guidance and assistance to teachers and obtaining necessary reference materials, bibliographical and abstracting services.

4. To finish the library computerization program.


1. To provide books, serials, multimedia materials and other instructional materials in support to academic programs of the university.

2. To encourage the formation of a lifelong habits of reading much and reading well.

3. To provide resources necessary for research in the field of special interest to the university.

4. To aid the faculty in keeping abreast of the current development in his field.

5. To identify the present and future needs and demands of the NEUST library users.

6. To support to the fullest extent possible the various curricula and programs of the university.

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