Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology Library Collection is organized on the basis of convenience and easy access to all its clientele be they students, faculty or plain researcher, the University Library accommodates and to whom its services is intended for.

Types of collections is one of the basic considerations in its organization, i.e. all general references are grouped and housed together like encyclopedia, dictionaries, directories, manuals and handbook, yearbooks, and lasses etc. books reserved by a faculty member for their class assignment are also lumped together in a section, all books classified as Filipiniana can be found together in another section, the same with all the multi-media collections, general collections, etc.

Reference Section

A section of the library which contains numerous dictionaries, encyclopedia, yearbook, handbooks, manuals, indexes, bibliographies, dictionaries, maps and lasses etc. These are materials available for inside use only.

Steps on How to Respond to Reference Query

a. The readers presents a library card to the librarian at the charging desk.

b. The readers throws reference question to librarian.

c. Librarian jots down and analyzes reference query.

d. The reference librarian starts searching for the topics and assists the reader in locating materials. If books could not be found in their respective shelves it will checks the following:

1. Card Catalog

2. Shelf List File

3. Files of Books for Repair and Binding

e. File of discarded or missing books.

f. If the book is in the bindery, the book is retrieve temporarily and hand it to the reader in order to meet his needs.

g. If the book is discarded/missing, information is given to the reader for the status of the book.

Reserve Section 

Houses books and other materials assigned as required reading for student. This is to enable all students to have access in the use of the books.

a. Book is great demand for various courses are placed on reserved to enable all students to have access in use of books.

b. If there is no demand for the book by the students, reserved books can be barrowed for over night. Books are borrowed at 5:00 pm. And should be returned on the following day not later than 8:00 am.

Circulation Section

General Collections of the library which may be borrowed for home use for a week renewable for another week.

Periodical Section

a. An open-shelf collection of foreign and local periodicals which are acquired through subscriptions, gifts and exchanges.

b. Gifts and exchanges are solicited from various agencies, institutions and associations by the Chief Librarian

c. By Their nature, Periodicals are for room use only and may not be brought home as it is hard to replace a lost periodical issue.

Filipiniana Section

Houses and circulate books about the Philippines and its people, written by Filipino of foreign alike, published in the Philippines or anywhere in the world collection, covers a wide range of books and references.

Audio Visual Section / Multi-Media

The Audio Visual Section houses and circulates CD ROMS, computer diskettes, recording and other materials in electronics audiotomy formats.


1. Member of the Board of Regents, Academic Council and Faculty Members

Are allowed to draw not more than five (5) volumes of books on circulation at any time for a period of one (1) week, renewable for another one (1) week, from any of the library having such books.

2. Students

a. Undergraduate

Allowed to draw not more than two (2) books at one time.

b. Graduate Students

i. Those Enrolled

Allowed to draw not more than two (2) books at one time.

ii. Not enrolled but working on a thesis

Allowed to use the library resources within the library premises only.

3. University Employee

Allowed to draw not more than two (2) books at one time.

4. University Alumni

Must first registered in the library oster of borrowers to be allowed to use the library materials within the library premises.

5. Government Employee

Granted with special privilege to use the library facilities and material for a day or/and so fort for official purposes.

Procedures for Internet Access of Students, Faculties, and other users for research purposes:

1. The NEUST Sumacab Campus E-Library Section are for the use of the following:

a. University Officials.

b. All University Employees (Faculty and Staff).

c. All Bonafide Students of the University.

2. The E-Library Section is open from:

Monday to Saturday - 7:30 AM. to 7:30 PM.

3. Borrowers card is required upon entering E-Library Section.

4. Student are limited for only one (1) hour per day in using E-Library, to give others student a chance to use E-Library.

5. E-Library Section should be use for surfing the net for educational research purposes only.

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