Notice of Award Proceed and Contract 2015

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Reference No. Title/Project
3830367 Proposed Perimeter Fencing (PHASE I)
3830374 Proposed Gymnasium Roofing and Provision of Gymnasium Stage - NEUST Atate Campus
3830384 Proposed Accreditation Center - NEUST Main Campus
3830394 Facelifting of Administration Building/ LTC Building - NEUST Gen. Tinio
3830397 Road Concreting/Earthfilling - NEUST - San Isidro Campus
3852294 Proposed Consultation Room - NEUST Gen. Tinio Campus
3852401 Provision of Floor Tiles - Graduate School
3891710 Year Book 2015 (3,378 Copies)
3891726 Year Book 2016 (3,335 Copies)
3896311 Provision of Cantilever Roofing, Food Court I
3896360 Repair of Research Extension Offices CICT area 3rd Floor
3896370 Provision of Cantilever Roofing, Food Court II)
3896395 Reinforced Concreting of Flooring located at front Area, University Library
3896420 Provision of Partition located at College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
3896438 Repair of Ceiling University Hostel
3896455 Repair of Ceiling located at Nieto Hall
3896468 Repair of USG High School Office Laboratory High School Area
3937018 Security Guard Services (12 Guards)
3937086 Student Insurance
4024233 Repair of Exterior Ceiling, University Infirmary - NEUST SUMACAB CAMPUS
3489198 Two (2) Sets of Hydraulic Complete Package Trainer With Hardware Components Teachware, Simulation Etc.
3489230 Four (4) units of Programmable Logic Controller Compact WBT PLC Programming
3489242 Four (4) sets Pneumatics Complete Package Trainer with Hardware Components Teachware Simulation Etc
3489275 One (1) set Mechlab - Complete Package
3489299 Four (4) sets of Electro-Pneumatics Trainer and Hardware Components, Teachware, Simulation ETC.
3489305 Two (2) sets of Electro-Hydraulics trainer with hardware components, Teachware Simulation etc.
3489310 Personnel Management Attendance and Payrol Solutions
3489315 Standby / Power Generator (3 units) for all Campuses
3489321 Proposed Engineering Building, Phase V, GR | DS I-M, 1-8
3489329 Proposed Engineering Building, Phase V, GR | I-M/M-O, 1-8