Webinar on Covid-19 Crisis Mental and Psychosocial Support Program

Due to covid-19 pandemic, almost all people in the world have been affected not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. These effects need to be managed with full attention in order to avoid mental fatigue that may lead to serious health problems.

As an action made by the University, a webinar was conducted entitled “Covid-10 Crisis Mental and Psychosocial Support Program” on August 28, 2020, 9:30am. The said online seminar was put into reality thru the effort of the Health Services Department headed by Dra. Belinda V. Gamilla, in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences headed by its Dean, Dr. Mario M. Abesamis, and facilitated by the Training Director, Dr. Jo Neil Peria, who also gave the closing remarks.

The NEUST academic and non-academic personnel participated in the webinar. They were stirred by the message of the University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, with Ms. Claire Calura as the moderator. Dr. Priessa Duque Dadgardoust, a Neuro-Psychiatrist from the University of Santo Tomas served as the resource speaker.