In support of the University’s Guidance and Counseling Office campaign on “Anti-bullying Act”, the NEUST Gender and Development Office headed by Dr. Alma G. Galang, in collaboration with the University Guidance Office supervised by Ms. Claire D. Calura and the Training Department directed by Dr. Jo Neil Peria, conducted a webinar last April 30, 2021 with its title “Cybercrime and Cyberbullying”. Its objective was to eliminate all forms of discrimination including the “Gender-based Bullying”.

The participants were enthusiastically welcomed by the Executive Vice-President, Dr. Honorato P. Panahon. Then, an inspiring message was delivered by the University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba. The invited resource speaker was the former President of NEUST, Dr. Hilario C. Ortiz who gave emphasis on the different forms of cyberbullying with the use of cell phones, facebook, twitter, and others for purposes of threatening or intimidating people, especially the children who are always the victims of bullying.

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