A Time with the President 2021

One of the best practices of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology is the tradition of having an annual “A Time with the President”. This activity aims to give chance and opportunity for the NEUST students to voice out their needs and concerns related to their studies, and for the faculty and staff to express themselves, to discuss certain issues and matters with regard to their functions as NEUST workforce.

The University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, set up a means on how to be with the NEUST students and employees for a dialogue in spite of the current pandemic situation. On August 6, 9-13, 2021, the first virtual conversation or “A Time with the President” was held for the students and employees to speak their mind and heart; to voice out their feelings; and to directly discuss things with Pres. Jacoba along with her three Vice Presidents: Dr. Honorato Panahon (VPBAF), Dr. Rhodora Jugo (VPAA), and Dr. Rachael Moraldo (VPRET).

During the conversation, many issues came out which were immediately addressed by Dr. Jacoba. Sharing of online teaching strategies and experiences was also entertained by Pres. Jacoba. She was very thankful with the heartening practices that the faculty had blithely shared.

The six-day activity was fruitfully completed having an optimistic aspiration of achieving a more productive year of online schooling on the part of the students; very dynamic, constructive, and worthwhile remote teaching on the part of the faculty; and more fruitful, supportive, and first-rate services from the non-teaching personnel.