GRADUATE SCHOOL AACCUP Online Accreditation 3rd Survey Visit

After complying with the requirements for online accreditation survey visit for the different GS programs, through the constant coordination with the director of the University’s Quality Assurance Office headed by Dr. Analyn Gamit, and after a long preparation of the videos, narrative reports, documents, and compliance reports, the Graduate school was visited by the AACCUP Accreditors on September 6-10, 2021. On these dates, the following activities were performed:

 Presentation of Compliance;
 Virtual Tour on Facilities and Laboratories;
 Video Presentation of Four (4) Chosen Areas;
 Interview with stakeholders, extension beneficiaries, alumni,
industry partners, students, administrators, and faculty; and
 Preparation of Reports.

During the assessment, some questions were also enquired by the accreditors for confirmation of all the documented activities and practices presented. The dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Jocelyn B. Cruz, was on guard to respond to all the queries, with the chairs of the four programs: Dr. CherryLyn Trinidad (PhD in Education Management Department; Dr. Miguel Santos (PhD in Mathematics Education Department); Dr. Felipe Balaria (PhD in Business Management Department); and Dr. Arneil Gabriel (PhD in Public Administration Management Department).

The accreditors assigned per program were as follows:

1. PhD in Education Management -Dr. Boyet L. Batang – ISU
Department – Dr. Corazon M. Cudia – NVSU
2. PhD in Mathematics Education – Dr. Elsie M. Pacho – DMMMSU
Department – Dr. Rosalina G. Nones – NVSU
3. PhD in Business Management – Dr. Narciso Castro – PANGSU
Department – Dr. Aurora E. Casuga-DMMMSU
3. PhD in Public Administration – Dr. Sanjay P. Claudio – PUP
Management Department – Dr. Aristeo C. Salapa

After 4 days of comprehensive and thorough scrutiny of all the documents, a closing ceremony was held where the University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, took the opportunity to convey a message of gratitude to all the accreditors, thru the Executive Vice President, Dr. Honorato P. Panahon. Messages of gratitude were also delivered by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Rhodora R. Jugo and by the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Training, Dr. Rachael Moralde. Over and above, the Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Jocelyn B. Cruz, elatedly expressed her appreciation and recognition to the chairs of the four programs evaluated and to all the faculty who extended help and support in the preparation of the documents and videos.

So pleased to see you accomplishing great things!