NEUST Online Wellness of Workforce (WOW!)

One of the best practices of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology is the “Wellness of Workforce (WOW) program, conceptualized and organized by the Office of Vice President for Administration, Business, and Finance spearheaded by Dr. Honorato P. Panahon”. However, due to the threat of the covid-19 pandemic, this program had been temporarily brought to a halt.

The administrator has thought of another way on how this program will be carried on without sacrificing the health and safety of the NEUST personnel. With the initiative of the Institute of Physical Education headed by Dr. Jennifer Amaranto, in collaboration with the Gender and Development Office under the leadership of Dr. Alma Galang and the University Training Department with Dr. Jo Neil Peria as its director, and in coordination with the Occupational Safety and Health Committee for safety precaution spearheaded by Dr. Margarita Belinda V. Gamilla , the WOW program has been revived, but this time, it would be done virtually. It aims to engage the faculty and staff of the University in physical activity which is great for preventing diseases and to promote an active lifestyle, especially in this time of pandemic. This online zumba will be conducted every Wednesday at 4:00pm.

The online WOW program consists of aerobics activities, kick boxing, zumba, and taebo. Aside from this online physical activity, a competion will also be conducted. The competition proper will be held on the 13th, 26th, 39th, and 52nd weeks of the year. The college or campus to be proclaimed as a winner will be receiving 10 thousand for the 1st place, 7 thousand for the 2nd place, 5 thousand for the 3rd place, and 1 thousand for the consolation prize.

The faculty members who are involved in each WOW activity are as follows:

 Aerobics Activities – Mr. Jeff C. Amaranto, Ms.Shara Mae
Bergado, and Ms. Mary Joyce Payawal

 Kick Boxing – Mr. Gene Edrick Castro, Mr. Aldrin S.
Talania, and Ms. Rochelle C. Mariano

 Zumba – Ms. Rhodalyn Sibayan, Ms. Querubin
Manumbali, and Ms. Lorraine Baligat

 Taebo – Mr. Vivencio Esteban, JR., Mr. Exequiel
Macapas, and Mr. Nolito Domingo, Jr.

The judges of said competition would be Ms. Marilyn J. Esteban, Mr. Felino E. Quipse, Dr. Jeniffer L. Amaranto, Ms. Sherryl R Ignacio, and Mr. Percival T. Donato