September 20 2022, was the second day of the Institutional Accreditation where everybody was filled with excitement yet nervous because the accreditors started to evaluate and validate the documents prepared by the NEUST Task Force.

In the morning, everyone was advised to proceed to the Nieto Hall, Sumacab Campus to be on guard on what the accreditors would be asking for relative to the prepared documents. After which, the accreditors led by Dr. Milabel E. Ho, the Executive Director of the AACCUP, called for a meeting with the task force and made a brief discussion of the best practices observed in the University. She cited how the university has made a change through the collaborative efforts of the university administrators, faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders.

During the discussion, Dr. Ho conveyed her great words of appreciation for the BEST PRACTICES of the university that produce good outcomes, as follows:

• Harmony among the Employees and Stakeholders.

As stated by Dr. Ho, the preparation for the institutional accreditation is not easy yet the university has managed to set up all the needed documents from Area I to Area IX. Through everyone’s commitment, involvement, and teamwork, everything has been made possible. This means that through the strong determination and will power of the NEUST employees with the inventiveness and steadfastness of the University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, all things needed for the Institutional Accreditation have been provided on-site and online.

• Culture of Excellence

Dr. Ho elatedly shared to the NEUST Institutional Accreditation task force that she observed the employees’ camaraderie in generating a systematic and structured institutional accreditation. Although everyone’s affinity has not been documented, it is evidently observed through the good result of the IA’s preparation.

• Involvement of the Stakeholders

It was mentioned that there has been a strong connection between the university and the community stakeholders in terms of activities and programs in which the aim is to extend help and assistance to the community. Moreover, Dr. Ho pointed out that the involvement of both internal and external stakeholders was very vital for the realization of the University’s mission and vision.

After the short meeting with the accreditors, the University President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, expressed her deepest gratitude for the conjoint endeavor exhibited by the NEUST employees, that without their help, bright ideas, commitment, and selfless services to the university, the institutional accreditation would not be realizable.

In the afternoon, Pres. Jacoba, together with Dr. Panahon, Dr. Jugo, and Dr. Moralde, guided the visiting accreditors for the initial campus tour. Engr. Jeric R. Aduna, the Director of the Infrastructure Development Office, served as the campus tour guide. After the initial campus tour, the accreditors went back to their online and onsite evaluation and validation of the NEUST documents.

For onsite evaluation and validation:

• Dr. Anita Sornito

• Dr. Glenda De Lara

For online evaluation and validation:

• Dr. Cecilio L. Manarpaac

• Dr. Edgardo E. Tulin

• Dr. Raul F. Muyong