On a significant occasion attended by the faculty, staff, students, and friends, NEUST embraced a new era of leadership with the welcome program for Dr. Rhodora R. Jugo as its president held today, February 20, 2024, at the Doña Asuncion G. Romulo Memorial Hall, General Tinio Campus, Cabanatuan City.

Hosted by Ms. Jiezel Alcantara, the program started with a prayer led by Dr. Elenita Paet followed by the singing of the national anthem. The whole university community was gathered to extend a warm welcome to the newly elected president. Guests, faculty members, staff, and students honored the occasion with hearts full of hope and optimism for the future of the institution.

Dr. Honorato P. Panahon, the Vice President for Administration, Business, and Finance, introduced the newly elected president by giving his witty take on Dr. Jugo’s nickname “Rhoda”. He described the president as a Rose from the rank, an Honor student, an Organization and management expert, a Daughter of Mary Immaculate, serving as a regent whose goal is to serve God and country which is in line with NEUST core values – nationalism and spirituality, and an Academician as she served fruitful years being the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The clever description lifted the spirits of everyone in the venue.

In her inaugural speech, Dr. Jugo articulated a vision of shaping the future of the university despite of the problems and challenges she has been through prior to this new phase in her life. She emphasized the important role of everybody in living a mission and vision to achieve a globally acknowledged university.

She instilled dedication on NEUST to go global, fostering academic excellence by enhancing the education program and furthering her mission of serving the university.

Humble Beginnings

“Presidency is a learning process and a learning journey on my part” are the words uttered on the president’s lips as she humbly narrated her journey from being a teacher, principal, dean, and Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) for years to now being a University President.

Power of Redemption

Through her journey to success, she stumbled into a lot of trials that made her resilient enough to redeem herself as she emphasized that every failure is an opportunity, not some place to stop on.

NEUST Global

One of the academic plans of Dr. Jugo as a newly elected president is for NEUST to be a globally recognized university by human resource empowerment. She believes that the most important capital in achieving greater heights is the people who work together, hand-in-hand, with the same mission and vision in mind.

Fostering Academic Excellence

As President Jugo continued to inspire everyone in the venue, she highlighted the enhancement of education program by focusing on add-on courses in relation to the new curriculum that she sees as the ground to develop talents beyond fields of expertise.

Shared Vision

Accepting huge responsibility with a deep sense of humility and commitment to serving the university, knowing that true progress is gained through collective effort, she stressed the importance of having a shared vision of excellence as she acknowledged the Former President, Dr. Feliciana P. Jacoba, Executive Vice President, Dr. Honorato P. Panahon, Budget Officer IV Ms. Lorna N. Ejar, Co candidates – Dr. Angelica Cortez and Atty. Eric G. Claudio, directors, and department heads as her mentors and guides who continuously give their unwavering support since her humble years in the academe.

Looking Forward

As one chapter unfolds, the NEUST community stands hand in hand under the dynamic leadership of President Jugo. With a commitment to embrace challenges as opportunities, the university community is looking forward to an administration with endless possibilities.

In welcoming Dr. Jugo as the new pillar of excellence, NEUST is both excited and confident in taking every step to achieve greater heights. As the university unites behind a shared vision of progress and success, the stage is set and hearts are ready for a remarkable journey marked by teamwork, discovery, and an unyielding quest for greatness. NEUST commemorates not just having a new leader but also the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope, ambition, wisdom, inspiration, and the promise of a brighter future.

President Rhodora R. Jugo ended her speech by lifting everything to the Lord that thy will be done and to Him be the highest glory.

The welcome program ended with a photo opportunity for everyone in the venue including the students whose smiles are reflections of love and hope followed by the heartfelt singing of the NEUST hymn.